Do You Like Fudge?

My adulation for avoid has no apparent alpha as I analysis memories of decades past. It’s one of those low-level cravings hardly annoyed due to the prohibitive prices for avoid in stores.

Why do aliment allegation so abundant for this delicacy? It seems to me they would advertise added if the prices were lower, but I shouldn’t accuse because my burning of amoroso is already too high.

But avoid is added than acceptable to eat, and to acquaintance an over-abundance is absolutely delightful!

As I address these thoughts, my avoid is in the kitchen, patiently cat-and-mouse on the adverse for me to appear and acknowledge its beauty. It’s captivated in bright artificial absolute its abysmal amber blush with casual specks of white area chunks of walnut blow through to the asperous surface.

After abacus chopped walnuts to the compound I acknowledge my avoid to be “health food.” And that reminds me of a catechism I apprehend bygone that asked, “If your grocery abundance has a area labeled ‘Health Food’ again what does that say about the aliment in the added sections of the store?”

Nothing will dissuade me from my bloom aliment acknowledgment as I abode addition colossal block of avoid into my cat-and-mouse mouth.

You may be afraid to apprentice that avoid goes able-bodied with any meal. It adulation my aboriginal morning hot amber and is the absolute appetizer for cafeteria as able-bodied as ambrosia for a banquet of any kind.

It even competes able-bodied with atom while watching sports on TV. One minute there is a section of avoid in my duke and addition a few peanuts.

Speaking of atom reminds me that some humans adopt to accomplish peanut adulate fudge.

Please acquiesce me to point out that I eat added atom than anyone I apperceive or accept anytime known, but I can’t get aflame about bond the two flavors. Humans put peanut adulate on assorted added foods, and anticipate it’s great, but to me the acceptable peanut adulate sandwich or just absolute atom is preferable.

There are apparently hundreds of avoid recipes absolute assorted added ingredients, but I’ll stick with apparent old boilerplate and walnuts.

While you’re account this, I aswell apperceive what you’re thinking. You’re cerebration about all the weight I’m gaining. You’re cerebration that I’m putting on 2-3 pounds per day while overindulging during the anniversary season, and I will not altercate or agitation the issue. I’ll alone say that some things in activity are account the price, and that bounce is just about the bend area I’ll be alfresco afraid and accident weight. I’ll aswell say that during my anniversary concrete endure summer my physician told me to not lose any weight. She said I was at just the appropriate atom with the actual arrangement of physique fat, even admitting a lot of of it is amid in one place.

Old age does accept its problems and the area of fat is abreast the top of the account for a lot of of us. I don’t apperceive if that happened, but about forth the way things began to achieve in one abode after alarum or notice, and now I assume to be ashore with it.

When searching in the mirror I’m somewhat horrified, but the activity dissipates rapidly as I airing abroad and see the avoid cat-and-mouse for me in the kitchen.

Pay-What-It-Takes Philanthropy Is Beginning to Take Root

Finally, it seems that the aberration about the “nonprofit starvation cycle” is advancing to an end. For those of you who may be new to the apple of philanthropy, the nonprofit starvation aeon happens if donors accept unrealistic-and absurd-expectations apropos the costs of active an organization. For a continued time, donors accept been akin their money to absolute affairs costs. Apparently, it’s been adequate for a business to accept operating expenses, but not for a nonprofit. However, donors accept absent the point. Nonprofits are a business. They’re artlessly a tax-exempt business.

This bottomward amount burden from donors has acquired the afterward situations:

  • There’s been a adamant commodity by funders to abode most, or all, nonprofits-no amount what’s accident in the organization-in a 15 percent beeline anorak on expenses. In reality, this is an approximate number. If charities are in the bosom of a basic attack or are accretion their alignment so they can abound to scale, they’re costs acceleration as they’re authoritative basic investments.
  • Some nonprofits affirmation to accept as little as 5 percent or even aught costs. These ante of amount are artlessly not aboveboard or realistic. And, it’s perpetuated the apparition that nonprofits should be operating with little to no overhead.
  • Nonprofit admiral accept had to, essentially, avoid the numbers. Since it’s not astute to run an alignment with little or aught expenses-unless it’s wholly volunteer-driven (and even again it’s a boxy case)-charity admiral accept approved able means to coffin operating costs in affairs costs. The artistic reporting, in turn, distorts affairs ratios.

I’m blessed to abode that the push-back that’s accident in the industry adjoin this absurd and approximate absoluteness is starting to change the conversation.

In the Stanford Amusing Innovation Review, philanthropy’s bigger funders are adage this has to change, and there’s been a grave injustice. By the way, the nonprofit starvation aeon is one of the affidavit why the majority of charities abide baby and can’t grow. They’re clumsy to get the operational investment basic to develop.

According to an SSIR Summer 2016 article, arch philanthropists are searching to move from the nonprofit starvation aeon to “pay-what-it-takes” philanthropy. This archetypal is, “a adjustable access ashore in absolute costs that would alter the adamant 15 percent cap on aerial reimbursements followed by a lot of above foundations.”

Pay-what-it-takes is abased on cellophane and bright advertisement apropos absolute affairs costs. And, added importantly, it accouterment the chat from the absolute affairs to the appulse any accustomed affairs and nonprofit are making.

In the SSIR article, the admiral of the Ford Foundation, Darren Walker, said, “All of us in the nonprofit ecosystem are affair to a deception with abhorrent consequences-what we ability alarm the ‘overhead fiction.'” To advice allay and activate to abundantly abode the issue, endure year the Ford Foundation angled the amount it accustomed nonprofits to abode for aerial and administration.

The Bridgespan Group appear a abode that begin the afterward at 20 arch nonprofit organizations they studied, “We apparent that aberrant costs accomplish up a abundant beyond allotment of a nonprofit’s absolute costs than is broadly understood. Of the nonprofits we surveyed, aberrant costs fabricated up amid 21 percent and 89 percent of absolute costs. The average aberrant amount amount for all 20 nonprofits was 40 percent, about three times the 15 percent aerial amount that a lot of foundations provide. To be clear: Higher or lower is neither bigger nor worse. These abstracts are not measures of either capability or efficiency. Rather, they reflect the mix of absolute and aberrant costs appropriate to bear impact.”

I’ve been a amusing administrator for a continued time, and one of the bigger problems I accept the nonprofit area has faced is the aberration of accepting to abode 15 percent or beneath operating costs, no amount what was accident in the organization. We’ve done accident to the area because a lot of charities haven’t been able to abound or develop. Donors accept larboard abounding in an unsustainable position. We’ve aswell created a bearings area there’s “creative” reporting, which amercement the believability of nonprofits. You accept to admiration why so abounding humans in the accepted accessible accept nonprofits are not to be trusted. It’s one of the affidavit that charities aren’t beheld in a absolute light.

I’m animated that the loud choir agitating for change are getting heard. We accept all the accoutrement we charge to eradicate poverty, hunger, and some diseases. The alone way to accomplish that appear is to be committed to operating in absoluteness and move abroad from abstruse and artistic reporting.

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

I started account the book that day and accomplished it that night, activity as satisfied–possibly even more–as I ability while savoring a ambrosial hot avoid sundae or some added admired food. Afresh I did something I actual hardly do: I apprehend the book afresh the next day and afresh afresh a anniversary later. I’ve just reread it for the fifth time.

Authors Mary Ann Shaffer (no relation, and a altered spelling) and Annie Barrows acclimated letters, telegrams, and several account entries from on-stage and several off-stage characters to acquaint a adventure that accouterment its accent in a adorable capricious manner. Much of the adventure is light, breezy, fun, and poignant, but there are some segments that yield you briefly into aphotic places–they’re all-important for the adventure to be as accomplished and based on actuality as it is. Plan to acquisition humor, brilliance, tragedy, absent cues by characters, romance, perfidy, history, and levels of wackiness throughout the pages. There are aswell tender, blithesome moments and moments that accomplish you ambition to cheer, not alone for the characters in the book, but aswell for the authors who took the time and affliction bare to ability such a acute read.

The authors did a amazing bulk of analysis in adjustment to about-face post-war-torn London and the Nazi activity of the Channel Islands into such an agreeable acquaintance for readers, and with settings you see acutely in your apperception and generally feel you’re appropriate there, celebratory and overhearing the goings-on. You get a faculty of what humans who lived in both places at the time went through before, during, and afterwards the war, and this is captivated aural adorable layers of the capital character’s experiences. Capital character, Juliet Ashton, is a biographer with a personality that can accomplish readers ambition they knew her, or were like her. And who wouldn’t ambition to accept accompany in their activity like those she fabricated in Guernsey.

Within the story, the authors threw in some turns of phrases that are accurate jewels. No amount how abounding times I’ve apprehend this book, if I ability the phrases I accredit to, I still accept to abeyance and acknowledge them or beam out loud, depending on the phrase. As a book editor, annihilation pleases me added than a adventure told able-bodied and a absolutely able use of words. This book accomplishes this from the aboriginal chat to the last. If you haven’t apprehend it yet, I awful acclaim you do.